“It doesn’t make me trip”: Léo Pellissard reacts to his parents’ conversion to X (ZAPTV)

“It doesn’t make me trip”: Léo Pellissard reacts to his parents’ conversion to X (ZAPTV)

Guest on the show TPMPLéo, the son of Amandine and Alexandre Pellissard, reacted live to his parents’ new conversion to X. An expected reaction from the 17-year-old high school student.

A few months ago, no viewers of the show Large families life in XXL wouldn’t have thought of such a conversion coming from Amandine and Alexandre Pellissard. Indeed, at the beginning of January, the couple revealed their new professional project, that of embark on the creation of X videos on the Internet. A choice that not unanimous and which worries many. In question, the repercussion that such a decision can have on their eight children.

But for now, alone Leo, their eldest son, is informed.If Leo had vetoed we might not have done itassured the mother of the family in a video unveiled by Jeremstar. For his part, Léo Pellissard expressed his feelings this Tuesday, January 31, live on the show Do not touch My TV. And obviously, the opinion of the young man is to say the least mixed.

“I said to myself that they will piss me off at school”

In TPMP, Léo Pellissard responded to the concerns of the columnists of Cyril Hanouna. “I feel good. After it sure raises questions that my parents made such a choice, but as they said, if I had put a brake on, well they wouldn’t have. Through that, they too saw a freedom to be, to act and to think because we, we are all raised in a freedom of speech. We try to have as few taboos as possible (…) I can say that my brothers and sisters don’t even know what sex is, so for sure they don’t go looking for sex videos. my parents naked on the internet. Even me it doesn’t thrill me to see my parents fucking on the Internet so I’m not going to look for what!“, he launched. You will have understood it, Leo prefers to close his ears, and above all close his eyes…

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