” It is serious ? “: this slippage of Jean-Pierre Foucault during Miss France 2023 which almost went unnoticed

” It is serious ? “: this slippage of Jean-Pierre Foucault during Miss France 2023 which almost went unnoticed

This Saturday, December 17, as every year since 1995, Jean-Pierre Foucault hosted the big evening Miss France. But a comment made by the host to Marine Lorphelin, voted the most beautiful woman in the country in 2013, sparked controversy.

The most glamorous evening on French television took place this Saturday, December 17. One year after the coronation of Diane Leyre30 regional candidates marched on the Mach 36 stage, in Châteauroux, to succeed her to the title of Miss France. After an evening considered endless by some – it was longer than the previous ones due to new -, it’s finally Indira Ampiot, Miss Guadeloupe, who inherited the great crown. Her ultimate competitor Agathe Cauet, Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais, became her 1st runner-up. The election barely over, she already has a big project in mind: that of becoming Miss Universe 2023, 7 years after its unofficial double, Iris Mittenaere.

The candidates were not the only stars that evening since Sylvie Tellier, who hosted her last ceremony, was also honored. The latter having announced his retirement after 17 years of good and loyal serviceshe had the right to a moment just for her to say goodbye to viewers. His faithful sidekick Jean-Pierre Foucault, presenter of Miss France since 1995, will he follow in his footsteps? For now, it doesn’t seem to be on the agenda. It must be said that he is one of the pillars of the beauty contest, even if some people sometimes have the impression that he comes from another time…

Jean-Pierre Foucault’s remark deemed sexist

During the ceremony, Jean-Pierre Foucault caused a lot of talk about him because of a remark made to Marine Lorphelin, elected Miss France 2013 and now a doctor in New Caledonia. Member of the jury this yearshe entered the set right after a superb introduction inspired by the film Titanic. But if all Internet users said they were dazzled by her beauty and the sublime dress she wore that evening, the 75-year-old presenterhe allowed himself a comment that sparked controversy. “Uh, when you consult Marine, you’re not dressed like that, no?”he launched naively.

It was enough for the lightning to fall on the presenter, whose remark was deemed inappropriate and sexist by a large part of the public. Oheld 1m30 before Jean-Pierre Foucault’s little sexist remark to Marine Lorphelin”, “Jean-Pierre Foucault is serious about his remarks on Marine Lorphelin’s dress”, “First sexist valve, well done”, “I don’t I didn’t like his reflection”, “Shame”Twitter users were annoyed. What a good way to start the evening…

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