“It made me want to be a dad”: freewheeling, Kev Adams creates unease on the Téléthon set (ZAPTV)

“It made me want to be a dad”: freewheeling, Kev Adams creates unease on the Téléthon set (ZAPTV)

This Saturday, December 3, 2022, France 2 shook up its programs to welcome The big Telethon party. One last charity evening to hope to break the 2021 record. After a performance by singer Claudio Capéo on his title richthe sponsor of the Telethon, Kev Adams, made a funny comment…

The 30 hours of live are coming to an end. On this evening of Saturday December 3, 2022, the Telethon took possession of the antennas of France 2 for an evening placed under the sign of altruism, generosity and compassion. An evening where humor was also in the game… even if it’s in bad tastelike with this inappropriate joke of Jeff Panacloc in full live. Priority was of course given to the sick and their relatives, who moved many viewers with their testimonies.

There were also many messages of hopeand smiles that restore faith in research. Among the guests received, journalist and host Henri Sannier spoke about his long fight against the disease. A testimony full of courage and self-sacrifice, from someone who had lost the use of his legs and hands. “I come to Paris every month for a plasmapheresis with extraordinary and competent people, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. And now II’m walking again and I’m waiting for one thing, it’s to ride my bike again“, he confided on the set of the Telethon.

Kev Adams takes out the oars to catch up

Like Jenifer or Chimene Badiartists came to perform during this evening, to come support researchers, patients and their families. For the occasion, Claudio Capéo interpreted two moving and appropriate titles: If I had known and rich. A second piece that he had also sung with Anisha at the star academybefore making him an unexpected offer in full bonus. A text written for his son, and on which Kev Adams, sponsor of the Telethon 2022, directly bounced: “It made me want to be a dad. I have to find a mother fast, because I’m hot here“.

The remark could have gone unnoticed, if Nagui had not noted this “availability message“. But he surely didn’t expect the youngest’s touch of humor…”I’ll choose from the people who do 3637 tonight“replied Kev Adams tit for tat. Faced with the silence that settled, the comedian took himself:”Finally “I will choose”, be careful… She must choose me too!” A cautious precision and taken up by Nagui: “It’s called consent, you’re right… It’s important.” Sophie Front tried to follow up with a new attempt at humor, but the damage was already done…

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