“it will become more and more difficult”

“it will become more and more difficult”

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Julien Clerc lives happy days. This is also the name given to his last album, on which he covers songs by BarbaraYves Montand or Charles Aznavourand his long tour program until the end of April 2023. I did this because it’s a pure interpreter’s pleasure. These are songs that I’ve had in me for a long time, that I carry around, it wasn’t particularly complicated. I didn’t want to create anything more, I try to respect the spirit of the creator, these are songs that belong to everyone considers the artist in an agreed interview Provence : I try to do it right, to sing the melody to the hair. This disc is an improved piano-voice, as I do on stage .

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“When we look at our copyrights, it’s ridiculous”

Currently in concert in the Znith of Montpellier, Toulouse, Orleans, Caen or Rouen before three dates at the Olympia from December 15 to 17, Julien Clerc enjoys his popularity acquired for more than half a century thanks to his hits “My preference” or “Leave me a place”. Except that today, despite his undeniable success, Julien Clerc recognizes that he is Harder and harder to make a full living from the profession of singer due to the explosion of streaming platforms, including low salaries are singled out by certain artists, and the fact that the public listens less and less to the radio. I don’t really listen to the radio, I listen like everyone else on the platforms. Unfortunately, I participate in the fact that it will become more and more difficult to live from our profession. he admits today: apart from the rap people, with the memes that click! When we look at our copyrights, compared to what we were collecting before, it’s ridiculous .

Julien Clerc recognizes it nevertheless, habits change : You always have to consider change and adapt to it, because there is always a creative side to it. Me, I keep doing what I’ve always done . The interpreter of “Miss” explains despite everything that he is always happy to have this chance to compose songs and to go on stage to meet his audience: When the time comes to compose, which for me is around May-June, because I’m going to tour until then, I’ll get back to it. I am here to create. As long as they leave me the possibility, I will do it, that is to say as long as music will come to me when I am my piano. Roda-Gil said it was big business. It’s big business and I hope that we will continue to be given a place in it. .


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