“It will change me”: Emilie Fiorelli opens up about her departure from Marseille

“It will change me”: Emilie Fiorelli opens up about her departure from Marseille

Emilie Fiorelli and her small family are preparing to leave the south of France. This Sunday, October 9, 2022, the young woman spoke about her imminent move to Auxerre and gave her impressions of her departure from Marseille.

Emilie Fiorelli and M’Baye Niang had a rocky relationship. After giving herself one last chance, the influencer announced their final break at the end of last year. Asked about this, the former reality TV contestant shared additional details regarding the split. “I can only speak for myself because we all experience love and feelings differently. To make it short, I was no longer in love… Even if of course with children you want to believe it I didn’t have to overcome a breakup, I chose this breakup. Through wear and tear, abuse, I ended up detaching myself and making up my mind. Today, I’m happy as that. Apart from my development, that of my children is important and I find them happy. that’s all that matters, that we are all happy”, she explained during a frequently asked questions launched on Instagram.

Nevertheless, Emilie Fiorelli has remained on good terms with M’Baye Niang for the well-being of their children. Thus, she made many trips to Bordeaux so that they could attend their dad’s matches.

A new life in Auxerre

After a season in Bordeaux, M’Baye Niang signed in Auxerre. Moreover, Emilie Fiorelli decided to get closer to her ex-companion by leaving the south of France. The move is fast approaching. The one with a mysterious scar on her back made additional revelations about it on his social networks. Thus, she wrote in her Instagram story this Sunday, October 9: “I’m moving in ten days. It will change me but what you don’t know is that I’m almost never in Marseille”. Loïc’s twin sister also clarified : “I live near Marseille. It’s a bit like the countryside and I prefer, I can’t stand big cities anymore so I’m happy“.

Very happy with this change, Emilie Fiorelli admitted to having spotted a lot of things for her and her children. She took the opportunity to ask her community to give her their best addresses. A call that is not likely to go unnoticed!


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