“It’s a statement to my descendants”: Jenifer talks openly about her three children

“It’s a statement to my descendants”: Jenifer talks openly about her three children

Jenifer was invited to the set Daily this Tuesday, November 8, 2022, on the occasion of the release of his new album No. 9. Former winner Star Academy took the opportunity to confide in his three children. Moving secrets.

Jenifer is not only in the news with her new album. As of Saturday, October 15, 2022, TF1 has relaunched Star Academy, his iconic tele-hook. The least we can say is that the channel did well to believe in the return of the show. The audience is excellent, and the program is still being talked about on social networks. Therefore, it is quite natural that Nikos Aliagas and the entire production decided to invite Jenifer for the first bonus. The singer sang a medley of her greatest songs, dressed in pink, under the admiring gaze of candidates who all hope for a career like hers.

Since he left the castle 21 years ago, Jenifer embraces a career that many artists dream of. On Friday, November 4, 2022, she released her ninth album with a logical name No. 9. On this occasion, she continues her media tour and was present on the set Daily this Tuesday, November 8, 2022. Jenifer apparently jumped at the chance to go back in time Star Academy after Yann Barthès showed her photos of her participating in telecrochet.

“It’s even hard to talk about it I’m so touched…”

And it seems that it is not only in her good memory. Indeed, faced with the TMC leader, she confided that she wanted to “put the pies” looking at pictures : “There, for example, I want to put pies anyway. I want to say ‘But let’s take off this sweater, let’s see’!” In the rest of the interview, she offered more gentle confidential words.

The singer is a proud mother of three children etc it seems to fill her with happiness. The topic she agreed to cover in one of her new songs, Waiting. The music that moved her: “I was not comfortable when I read the poem because it upset me” Jenifer explains to Yann Barthès. She then continues: “It’s a statement to my descendants. It’s going to be complicated to sing it, it already took me a long time to perform it in the studio. I had to really put my modesty aside. It’s hard to even talk about it it touches me so much… My children didn’t hear it”. Divan.

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