“It’s an intimate concert”, describes Alain Lanty, his pianist

“It’s an intimate concert”, describes Alain Lanty, his pianist

Eight months after his cover album, Renaud is going on tour again on Tuesday January 24 with a show called “Dans mes cords”. The singer had however assured last spring that he could no longer ensure a new tour because of his voice. However, he changed his mind. The desire to find his audience was stronger.

From 1999 to 2001, Renaud toured only with a guitarist and a pianist. The latter, Alain Lanty, had become Renaud’s close friend and musical accomplice. At 70, the singer will reconnect with musical sobriety. “Two quartets, a piano and an accordion. The orchestrations are simple, clear, which allows highlight the words of Renaud. It’s an intimate concert”, describes Alain Lanty. “After the Phénix Tour, there was a slump. So he gets back in the ring.”

“Renaud has the ability to bare himself. It’s someone who surrenders. Everyone knows what were his addictions. Everyone knows what were his pains, his joys, his pains. The fact of being naked, vocally and in his skin as a singer, does not bother him more than that”, continues the pianist. “He hopes to find a new energy there”.

“A form of devotion”

The singer no longer has his voice, but the public forgives him. “We don’t care”, said his fans at the end of a concert in 2016. Alain Lanty confirms that, if we are going to applaud Renaud today, it is not so much for his qualities as an interpreter. “I don’t think people are coming to listen to it. They come to share a moment with himsee it and share emotions,” he said.

“It’s the depth of soul that now takes over. The roughness, the thickness of this character and his emotional baggage continue to emit very strong emotions. There is a particular dimension in the admiration, a form of devotion, of general bewilderment between the public and Renaud as it could happen between the public and Johnny Hallyday“, compares Alain Lanty.

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