Its Christmas in Hell!

Its Christmas in Hell!

Jenifer is a fulfilled woman and artist. The mother of Aaron (19 years old), Joseph (8 years old) and Juvanni (1 year and a half) celebrated her 40th birthday in 2022, her twenty-year career and the release of her ninth album, N° 9 – whose sales are, however, not at the expected level. The icing on the cake, the singer has announced a tour in 2023 across France! About twenty dates are already planned, spread between March-April and November-December. In short, all the lights seem to be green for the first winner of Star Academy!

In the meantime, the young woman celebrated Christmas with her family, with her children and her husband, the Corsican restaurateur Ambroise Fieschi, whom she married in August 2019. our colleagues from Gala and which was published on December 22. Jenifer confided, in particular, that she had asked for a nice coat as a gift this year… hoping that she found it on the morning of the 25th, according to the tradition that goes on at home!


We also learn that the singer would love to play in a Christmas TV movie “as we see on television, with the small snowy village, the bakery that smells of gingerbread, the smiling people, the pretty lights and the wooden chalet. with a chimney fire under the snow! In short, Christmas seems to be a holiday that is particularly close to his heart! However, there is one that almost killed him…

Jenifer reports that her worst New Year’s Eve memory is when she suffered from food poisoning: “I found myself in bed before the gifts were opened! “, she remembered with emotion … but without specifying the date of the Christmas in question. And we know well, especially since the disappearance, last October, of Miou-Miou’s companion, Jean Teulé, that food poisoning can kill, but also leave stubborn psychological traces when you escape – which, fortunately, is usually the case. And, indeed, Jenifer, she has never forgotten…

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