“It’s cracking”: Nagui under the spell of the eyes of a candidate for Don’t forget the lyrics (ZAPTV)

“It’s cracking”: Nagui under the spell of the eyes of a candidate for Don’t forget the lyrics (ZAPTV)

Nagui does not have his tongue in his pocket. This Monday, January 16, 2023, the famous host of Do not forget the lyrics, captivated by the blue eyes of a candidate, was full of praise for this young woman, in the musical program broadcast on France 2.

Nagui is a great seducer. And the host never hid it. “TV didn’t make me beautiful, but…charming”he confided in the columns of Paris Match in 2016, while he has long been complexed by his physiquein her youth. before meeting his current wife, Melanie Pagethe presenter of Everyone wants to take its place and Taratataparticularly liked to seduce women. “I fell into the trap. I used this charm to multiply flirts and conquests. At times, I thought I was in love”he explained, before discussing his love story: “With Mélanie, I realized what it really means. Today, after sixteen years of living together, I do not plan to spend a night without her. If I have to be away from Paris, I take a plane late at night to join her, another very early the next day to go back to work. We can’t bear to be without each other.”

“Do you bet a lot on the blue of your eyes?”

On television, Nagui does not hesitate to tease and compliment the candidates. This Monday, January 16, 2023, Manon continued to compete ins Don’t forget the lyrics, broadcast on France 2. The budding singer interpreted the title Blue, white, blond of Marcel Amontand completed the lyrics “And in Your Eyes” through “my dream in blue”. A pole immediately seized by Nagui: “Do you bet a lot on the blue of your eyes, in life in general?”he asked her. To which the young woman replied: “No, well… I’m glad I inherited my grandma’s blue eyes.” And the host to bounce back with humor: “I live my life as a beautiful girl, listen. Afterwards, it’s cracking, it’s cracking. What do you want me to tell you?”. During this sequence, Manon’s eyes were filmed in close-up. Something to make viewers react, also under the spell. “Oh the shot on Manon’s eyes was huge”; “No, but the color of Manon’s eyes”; “Manon’s eyes are wonderful, she is so beautiful” ; “The cameraman living his best life”, we read on Twitter. Manon’s eyes are unanimous!

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