“It’s decided!”, Has Serge Lama just tackled Michel Sardou in the middle of a comeback?

“It’s decided!”, Has Serge Lama just tackled Michel Sardou in the middle of a comeback?

On November 10, Michel Sardou surprised everyone, and in particular his fans, when he came to RTL. On his 75th birthday, the interpreter of Connemara Lakes announced his return to the stage, four years after ensuring that he was retiring. It is his companion who would have, in part, pushed him to come back and offer a last tour scheduled for next year and which should start on October 3, 2023.

“I did a little theater, but in the end […] it’s true that I’m not made to sit on a deck chair or play golf”he confided to explain why he wanted to find the scene. And only a few hours after its announcement, success was already there. Indeed, questioned by BFM TVMichel Sardou expressed his joy after discovering the first figures of his tour.

Serge Lama is not going to do like Michel Sardou

“I’ve never done this in my life. It’s the first time I’ve had a tour start like this. I’m very touched. It means there’s a desire to see me again and that means a lot for me”. For those who have always been used to attending his concerts, we will have to expect something totally different, as the artist assured us, always with our colleagues: “We are going to do everything differently. I didn’t want to copy and paste what I already did six years ago”.

What give ideas to singers who have drawn a line with the scene? Not really. In fact, a few weeks ago, Serge Lama made a sad announcement and indicated that he was ending his career. And if some had a hope of seeing them go back on stage like Michel Sardou, it’s missed. In an interview given to West Francethe interpreter of I am sick assured that he did not want “not do too much fighting”. “Like Reggiani or even Aznavour who was my friend. So I will never go on stage again. It’s decided”, he assured. A way to subtly tackle Michel Sardou? Only its author knows.

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