“It’s frustrating”: Renaud Capuçon, the husband of Laurence Ferrari, confides in their family life

“It’s frustrating”: Renaud Capuçon, the husband of Laurence Ferrari, confides in their family life

Renaud Capuçon and his wife Laurence Ferrari have been together for over ten years. In an interview given to Sunday newspaper on January 8, 2023, the famous violinist indulged in a few secrets about his family life.

The day they met, he wore a pink tie that he would never wear again! Renaud Capuçon laid eyes on Laurence Ferrari in 2008 during an evening in Savoie: “The story is that we met at Michael Barnierwho was Minister of Agriculture, who had organized a dinner for Savoyards”had told the violinist on the set of It’s up to you. A love that quickly consolidated since a year later, the two lovers took the plunge and got married in Paris in July 2009. They are the parents of a boy, Elliottborn in 2010. So everything quickly came together for the couple who had an exposed start to their relationship: “When we met, I presented the diary of 20 hours on TF1 and, despite myself, I exposed Renaud to this media madness. It was a violent experience for both of us.. A classic artist is not prepared for this maximum exposure, which we experienced as a test,” confided Laurence Ferrari in Paris Match.

Precious family moments

If he and his wife have busy schedules, between concerts around the world for the musician and the various media for which the journalist works, the couple savors every moment spent with the family. Like, for example, meeting on Sunday around a leg of lamb with their son and the two children of Laurence Ferrari. Precious moments of sharing, as explained by Renaud Capuçon in an interview granted to the JDD January 8, 2023: “What I find extraordinary in this life which is never the same is that it gives every moment an exceptional character. Of course, there are disadvantages: we miss each other and it’s frustrating. My son has been used to saying to me: ‘Hi Dad, when are you coming back? In three days ? So, see you in three days.’ But the scales always tip to one side of the happiness that we all have to find each other.” Sundays that are never alike, even if that day, the violinist never breaks his habit: listening to Bach, the German composer, a moment of peace for him.

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