“It’s going live!” Is the break between Eliott and Greg final? Nicolas Anselmo responds

“It’s going live!” Is the break between Eliott and Greg final? Nicolas Anselmo responds

For several weeks, in Here it all starts on TF1, the couple that form Greg (Michael Mittelstadt) and Eliott (Nicolas Anselmo) rides a roller coaster. The arrival of Jude (Galaad Cattail) and Brice at the Auguste Armand Institute is no stranger to these difficulties. Greg followed Brice (Jean-VĂ©das Mata Nzadi) in his harassment of Jude, jealous of the latter’s rapprochement with Eliott. While the couple separated on Monday, December 5, will they be reconciled? How far will Brice go against Jude? Nicolas Anselmo tells more at Tele-Leisure.

Tele-Leisure : What new facet of Eliott did this plot allow you to show?

Nicolas Anselme : What I was able to develop on this intrigue, it is its side a little more inside. Eliott really comes into conflict with Brice. I liked playing that side a bit more angry. The game is different and it was cool to be able to explore something else.

How far will the harassment go?

It’s gonna be fine until people talk and act for real, like in life. This situation is going to continue for quite a long time and it’s going to be horrible for Jude’s character. Brice always goes further. Eliott always tries to do something but afterwards it’s beyond his strength. He can’t force or prevent anything either. It will create even more conflict with Greg because there will be even more jealousy and unsaid. It’s going live.

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You yourself have been the victim of bullying in your life…

When you are harassed by one or more people, you never know where to turn. What I find beautiful in this plot is that Eliott is a landmark for Jude who can lean on him. At school, when I told the teachers that I was getting bored every day, nobody did anything at the time. I had physical and moral harassment and a lot by telephone with masked calls, in college and high school. It was the worst years of my life. Fortunately, there was my family circle. For those who don’t have many people around them, it’s important to have benchmarks in the school environment. Today, I don’t know if that has changed much, but we turn a blind eye to harassment. Often it is the victims who are singled out as the problem. Whereas it is the bully who has a problem.

Why does Brice show himself to be so virulent towards Jude?

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If Brice is so angry with Jude, it’s because Jude had a relationship with his brother, Nicolas. The latter was heterosexual with a wife and children, and he lost everything overnight. So for Brice, it was Jude who ruined his life. It’s like a kind of revenge. He is mad at him and just wants to make him suffer.

Will Greg and Eliott reconcile?

Since the beginning of the series, Eliott and Greg really love each other. It’s going to change, inevitably because when you go from love to so much jealousy and maybe even hate, there’s something that breaks down and that can be rebuilt afterwards. But it is sure that Greg will do everything so that their couple survives, and there will end up being discussions. You have to talk to make things better and that’s what they’re going to do. And we will see their choice for the future.

How was filming with your new acting partner, Galaad Quenouillere (Jude)?

As usual, it’s always very special because we have to play live, we barely know each other and we meet almost the same day. But I was lucky enough to have seen Galaad in casting, to try out with him. The first sequence we shot together was at the commissary where Eliott arrives while Brice is pissing off Jude.

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You have dance in common in your career. Have you ever met in this context?

No, never, but we have friends in common because inevitably, this world is very small. We haven’t had the opportunity to dance together since he arrived in the daily. Maybe later but not in the series. On the set, we do our stretches together between two sequences. We talk about dance and that makes me feel good, because before I spoke very little about it on the set and I danced in my corner.

What awaits Eliott after this intrigue?

Eliott will focus on his career, he will know what he really wants. He will fight for his convictions and his dreams. It will be about his passion for cooking, life choices. We are going to develop the fact that Greg and Eliott do not see the same future at all, we are going to talk about concessions when we are in a relationship. We will see if their couple will hold or not.

What do you want for your character?

I would have loved Eliott to have a relationship with a girl, I can’t say it enough. I would like us to see on French television that a person who wears makeup, wears skirts and has a little beard can be attracted to a girl and please a girl. I would have liked Jude to be a girl, for example.

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