“It’s my husband who wouldn’t appreciate it”: Faustine Bollaert’s daring remark in It starts today (ZAPTV)

“It’s my husband who wouldn’t appreciate it”: Faustine Bollaert’s daring remark in It starts today (ZAPTV)

Wednesday January 4, in It starts today, Faustine Bollaert was amused by the anecdote of a sexagenarian, star of social networks, who inspired her with a daring remark… which she hastened to withdraw. “It’s my husband who wouldn’t appreciate it”the host apologized.

Some topics are easier to deal with than others. Since 2017, Faustine Bollaert has presented the show It starts todayin which it receives anonymous people or personalities who come to testify on various and varied themes. Sometimes moving and trying themes. So she needs to be “shouldered” by a psychologist. “People on this show don’t care how I get this information. Me, there are things that echo my own life, but I’m not going to interrupt the person by saying: “Ah, yes, I’m worried about that too for my daughter.” Nobody cares “she confided to Lea Salame in what time. And to add: I need, behind, to go tell me to exorcise certain things. »

Faustine Bollaert: “I would have liked to have the video in underwear…”

Wednesday, January 4, the subject of It starts today was pretty light. Faustine Bollaert received sixties and octogenarians, stars of social networks. Nicole, ex-beautician, came to tell how she became an influencer, first on Youtube then on TikTok. It started when she retired. “Very quickly, I got bored, contacts, clients, my institute […] I was bored for the first time in my life. So I looked for what to do”she explained. She then started doing beauty tutorials: “I made videos from a single block, because I didn’t know how to edit, I didn’t know how to cut, I didn’t know how to do anything. » This led to a funny situation…

“Once I do a makeup video and I get to the end of that makeup video and [mon mari] slip behind me! » Something to make Faustine Bollaert laugh: Oh the shame! »exclaimed the presenter. And to add: “When you do self-makeup and you don’t know how to ride, you have to remove make-up and do it again…” “He got yelled at, I won’t tell you”Nicole said. “Ah here is your husband”, commented Faustine Bollaert while a selfie was displayed on the set. “I would have liked to have the video in my underpants…”she joked. “Oh no”exclaimed the influencer, and to specify: “ Finally, for you, Faustine. » It’s my husband who wouldn’t like it », slipped Faustine Bollaert. Maxime Chattam will be happy.

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