It’s over for the Westworld series, canceled by HBO

It’s over for the Westworld series, canceled by HBO

There will be no fifth season for Westworld. The series was canceled by HBO.

This will probably come as a shock to fans of Westworldcaptivated by its universe and its convoluted scenario since 2016. As indicated The edge in an article published on November 4, HBO made the decision to cancel the series when a fifth season was well planned. The last episode of season 4 aired last August.

HBO hasn’t given any details about why it was done with it. Westworld. In its statement, the channel simply thanked Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, the two creators who ” took viewers on a tremendous adventure, raising the bar at every step “. Nevertheless, if season 1 made an impression (87% on Rotten Tomatoes), the public was a little less seduced afterwards (76% for season 4, even 73% for season 3).

Westworld Season 3 pulls out of the parks to show us the show's true futuristic society.  // Source: HBO
Westworld Season 3 pulls out of the parks to show us the show’s true futuristic society. // Source: HBO

No season 5 for Westworld

Some will no doubt think that it is a huge mess: a fifth season would have apparently made it possible to conclude Westworld in beauty. This is all the more strange since, according to information from Deadlinethe main actors — Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright, Ed Harris and Aaron Paul — will be paid regardless, due to a clause in their contract.

It prevents, Westworld was a series that was very expensive, in particular because of its aesthetic ambitions (slick realization). The budget for an episode would be around 10 million dollars, according to Deadline. The media would have learned from its sources that it was the money that motivated this decision, the hearing having declined season after season. On this subject, it should be noted that Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have continued to densify and complicate the lore of Westworld. By force, the spectators got lost.

The cancellation finally echoes the words of David Zaslav. On the occasion of the last publication of the financial results, the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, owner of HBO, said: The great experiment of creating without counting is over. »

How can they cancel Westworld when the show only needs one more season to complete the story? “, laments Drank on Twitter. A petition to save the series has already been created on website.

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