It’s over with Aram Ohanian, the divorce with her husband after 12 years of living together!

It’s over with Aram Ohanian, the divorce with her husband after 12 years of living together!

Adriana Karembeu and Aram Ohanian have announced their surprise divorce. The end of 12 years of common life for the ex-model converted into a TV host and the businessman, who had a little girl Nina, born in 2018.

“It is with a heavy heart that I write these few lines.” As soon as Christmas is over, Adriana Karembeu announces sad news to its followers on Instagram. The former Slovak model and her husband Aram are divorcing.

Adriana Karembeu divorces her husband Aram: announcement on Instagram

It is with pain that she shared, Tuesday, December 27, 2022, a photo of a couple on her Instagram story of her account, accompanied by the following words: “Twelve magnificent years spent together… I vibrated at every moment. I have never laughed so much as by your side,” says Adriana Karembeu wistfully of their decade together. “Our story was beautiful and I loved it so much… However, today we have decided together to take separate roads… Love will never fade. You gave me the most beautiful of treasures… our Nina. you are and always will be.”

For now, the beautiful 51-year-old blonde has not given the reason for her divorce from Aram Ohanian.

Adriana Karembeu shared this photo of her and her husband Aram on Instagram to announce their divorce. © Instagram/adrianakarembeusklenarikova

Adriana Karembeu and her life in Morocco: after her divorce, will she move?

It is in Marrakech that Adriana Karembeu celebrated Christmas. Michel Cymes’ sidekick on France 2 shared a photo of his decorated tree. It was in the capital of Morocco that the couple met and then settled. Indeed, Aram Ohanian has acquired the Palais Ronsard in 2019luxury hotel establishment. It was there that the small family now spent most of its time, when the former model did not return to France for his other professional obligations. On September 19, it was with Aram Ohanian – also called André – that she celebrated her 51st birthday…

Adriana Karembeu and Aram parents of a little Nina…

To overcome this ordeal, Adriana Karembeu will be able to rely on the love of her little Nina. Mother and daughter are inseparable. “I love you more than anything…forever”the star wrote again on Instagram this summer. The baby girl was born in August 2018 – Adriana Karembeu was then 46 years old. A miracle for which she will have fought for a long time. JI didn’t just have one miscarriage, I had several, she confided to Current wife. There are women who get pregnant easily, others who decide to have a child later and for whom it is not so easy. I knew that getting pregnant after 40 would be complicated. I was just praying that would happen.”

This is the first child of the ambassador of the Red Cross. Indeed, Adriana Karembeu and her ex-husband footballer Christian Karembeu have never taken the plunge together. As a reminder, the former French international had a high profile story with the Slovak from 1998 to 2012. And if they did not have children together, Adriana Karembeu, whose real name is Sklenaříková, never wanted to completely get rid of his now famous surname. Because Karembeu was now his trademark.

Adriana Karembeu: her name, a brand … her annoyed ex Christian

What displeases her ex-husband, who has rebuilt his life with Estelle, with whom he had two children. “That bothers me, assured Christian Karembeu to the Swiss newspaper The morning in 2018. I’m the first to say basta! I always wanted to have cordial relations and I think there is no animosity between us, but yes it bothers me a lot. Hopefully we don’t have to wait for judges to decide on this.”

Adriana Karembeu, she assures that there is no “not really thought about”.At home in Slovakia, a divorced woman keeps her married name for life, unless she remarries. I admit that I don’t really know what to do. Everyone knows me by that name, but I no longer have the same connection with my ex-husband.” Finally, the 50-year-old will change her name on Instagram, writing in her bio: Adriana Ohanian Sklenarikova. But for the public and to the chagrin of the former footballer, she will forever remain Adriana Karembeu.

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