“It’s shame”: a technical problem during the bonus of the “Star Academy” made a candidate come out of her hinges

“It’s shame”: a technical problem during the bonus of the “Star Academy” made a candidate come out of her hinges

This Saturday evening was the penultimate evening of the star academy on TF1. Back on the air after being replaced at the presentation of the NRJ Music AwardsFriday evening, Nikos Aliagas welcomed the semi-finalists on the set to the star. Whereas Louis won his ticket for the final following the evaluations of the weekEnola, Anisha, Chris, Léa and Tiana were nominated and had to try to convince the public to vote for them throughout the evening.

Several guest artists helped the candidates in the running to stand out. From Vianney to Patrick Bruel via Caméla Jordana or Marc Lavoine. Among the highlights of the evening, we note the performance of Claudio Capéo and Anisha on the title rich. Charmed by the voice of the candidate, the singer made him a beautiful proposal live. “I’m very happy to be here tonight, to have been able to sing with Anisha. I’m not going to say it’s my favorite, but a little nonetheless. I watch the show a lot, it reminds me of my adolescence” he confided. “And then, I just wanted to propose to Anisha, if you want it, to sing on my album, we could do a duet together! A second major project for the young woman. During a previous prime, Slimane indeed invited her to join him on stage during his tour.

“It’s shame, hello”

For her part, Léa unfortunately had to face a technical problem during her duet with Marc Lavoine on I have forgotten everything. The candidate was forced to do without the swing on which she had to sit to sing because the latter was badly fixed. “It’s a shame, hello“, then launched Léa furious in the microphone. But the young woman however ensures the service.Did you see how she adapted?“, asks Nikos Aliagas to Marc Lavoine at the end of the song. A question to which the interpreter of Gun Eyes responded by saying that Léa was simply “fantastic“.

Four candidates in the final

At the end of the evening, three out of five candidates were saved by the public to advance to next Saturday’s grand final alongside Louis, who had already qualified. They are Anisha, Enola and Léa. Chris and Tiana have been eliminated from the adventure.

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