“I’ve lost quite a bit of my teenage rage”: Swann Arlaud surrenders on the sidelines of the Cannes Cinema Meetings

“I’ve lost quite a bit of my teenage rage”: Swann Arlaud surrenders on the sidelines of the Cannes Cinema Meetings

Well, he tried to green his terrace in Paris… and he only picked “two small cherry tomatoes!” (sic).

But Swann Arlaud may not have a green thumb, in As long as the sun is shiningpreviewed at the Rencontres Cinéma de Cannes, it is again stunning in the slightly utopian and very stubborn reveries of Max.

In Philippe Petit’s film, he plays a landscaper who wants to create an open and communal garden for residents, in a concrete square in Marseille. But which directly collides with the commercial and architectural interests of the moment, it is faster to build a green wall on a 5-star hotel than to build a more livable world.

Despite a daughter to raise, a pregnant wife and the difficulties of making ends meet, Max abandons his project. In green and against everything.

And amer de Swann

“Me, that tells me, because I live in the city and I have only one wish, to leave the village.!, proclaims the person in question, who claims, like his character, to be a small rebel party. I’ve lost quite a bit of teenage rage at the injustice of this society that I like less and less. And that is what I find very strong in this film. Max is driven by a certain idealism, but in the service of a meeting place for everyone, which creates links and gives time to calm down, quite the opposite of this steamroller we live in!”

An embittered Swann despite his youthful big-kid looks. And the hypersensitivity that allowed him to assert himself in French cinema, even if this child of the ball [son grand-père était comédien, sa mère et son beau-père sont metteurs en scène] never stop doubting. “I have a complex of a man who comes from there and who has the impression that he always has to show more. But I realized that this doubt is an integral part of the job.”

The red carpet of shame

This did not prevent him from collecting two Caesars (infuse a small peasant etc Thank God). But don’t believe that the one who after 40 years no longer wants to play Peter Pan has joined the “establishment”.

Even at the Cannes Film Festival, where his films have been selected (Critics’ Week and Fortnight), Swann keeps a bit of a low profile. Especially on the red carpet! “I went up there in oversized leather boots that they lent me because I was rejected in tennis shoes. I was with Louise Bourgoin, but the photographers made me leave, and on the top step I rolled!says the boy, without fear of self-mockery. I thought no one noticed me, but when I entered the room, I saw that the climb was being broadcast on the big screen and that the bowl had not escaped me!. Another way to break the screen. But definitely a cruel world with sweet dreamers.

As long as the sun is shining out on February 8.

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