Jacques Dutronc bids farewell to the scene: his manager reveals the real reason

Jacques Dutronc bids farewell to the scene: his manager reveals the real reason

Jacques Dutronc, “in great shape”, had planned for a long time to stop the tour with his son at the end of December, the duo’s management said on Friday, after statements by Thomas leaving doubt about the state of his father.

It stops because my father prefers to stop now (…) And then, he will be 80 years old (in April). He is worried about not holding on (…) We have the impression, we, to stop in the middle of the tour“, had declared Thomas Dutronc on RTL France Thursday, the day after a last concert of the tour “Dutronc & Dutronc” in Bercy (Accor Arena).

It was always planned (that the tour) end on December 21, 2022 in Bercy“explains Vincent Carpentier, manager of the two artists, in a press release on Friday. He specifies however that “in the hope of extending this father-son tour which has met with great success and because cinemas book up well in advance, Lagardère and Fimalac, co-producers, had considered an extension in 2023“.

What Jacques did not want and never validated, estimating at almost 80 years old, and still in great shape, to have fulfilled his mission by offering his audience with great happiness 38 concerts across France“, develops Vincent Carpentier.

On certain concert ticket sales sites, such as Fnac, we can still see this Friday an extension of the tour with dates until February 5 with the mention “cancelled”.

A press release sent Thursday by the record company’s press service, entitled “Jacques Dutronc has paid for his last tour”, even speaks of “Jacques’s farewell to the stage”.

It was the last date (Wednesday)… Unless we change our minds in a few months! My father preferred not to pull too much on the rope and take care of his health“, nuanced Thomas Dutronc in remarks posted online Thursday evening on the Parisian site.

Surprise comebacks are commonplace in show biz, even at old ages. Michel Sardou, 75 years old today, had assured the Parisian that he was stopping the scene in 2021, before announcing in this same newspaper (and in other media) last November that he was going to go back there in 2023.

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