Jane Birkin suffering, the singer must cancel several concerts, sad news for her fans

Jane Birkin suffering, the singer must cancel several concerts, sad news for her fans

Jane Birkin suffering, the former companion of Serge Gainsbourg must cancel several concerts, because of deteriorating health. Despite her 76 years, Jane Birkin has not stopped her career. She was preparing a whole series of concerts but had to cancel that of Montpellier because of her health.

Jane Birkin in pain

She plays alongside Serge Gainsbourg and this will give birth to one of the most sulphurous and publicized relationships of all time. The two actors like each other immediately and will begin a love story that will mark them for life. From this relationship will be born Charlotte Gainsbourgwhich has just celebrated its 51 candles.

Jane Birkin, did not want to turn her career around Serge Gainsbourg, that’s why she does not interrupt her career when they break up. Years later, she continues to make music. She was supposed to give a concert at the Opéra Comédie in Montpellier but her health failed and she canceled.

A career spanning over thirty years

In 2020, Jane Birkin released an album she named “Oh! sorry you were sleeping. In recent weeks, she has done a few concerts on both sides of France. From January 12 to 16, 2023, she was with the big Enfoirés family, who performed in Lyon. However, she canceled the one she planned to do in Montpellier for health reasons.

However, no one gives more details. We can therefore imagine a little discomfort or even fatigue. After all, it is not excluded in view of the concerts which have succeeded and his advanced age. After Montpellier, on January 29, Jane Birkin also plans to make a presentation in Lille. Fingers crossed she gets back on her feet soon.

A series of illnesses

Jane Birkin has not always been in good shape. Charlotte Gainsbourg’s mother has already gone through several difficult ordeals. For example, in 1998, she will learn that she suffered from leukemia. To treat herself, she had spent 18 months in the hospital.

Then for hard knocks or even stress, the singer shared her secret with us. She liked to relax in the middle of several films. In 2021, she suffered a stroke.

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