Jazz: de Wilde plays Monk in Toulouse, and Médioni dedicated a beautiful book to him

Jazz: de Wilde plays Monk in Toulouse, and Médioni dedicated a beautiful book to him

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Pianist Laurent de Wilde dedicated a book to Thelonius Monk in 1996. He will play the repertoire of his famous elder, on Wednesday January 11, in Taquin, Toulouse, as part of Jazz Week. As for the critic Franko Medioni, he dedicated a wonderful book to “The Mystery of the Monks”.

Jazz Week, a small club jazz festival, is held by three musicians, Parisian Laurent Fickelson (piano) and Toulouse’s Julien Duthu (double bass) and Ton Ton Salut (drums). They are reviving a great club era where a basic trio accompanied different soloists every night of the week. With, like every year, prestigious guests that we don’t often see in a club, and even less so in Toulouse! This week, in the intimate and warm setting of Le Taquin, in the Amidonniers district, we will be able to applaud some very great musicians. On Wednesday, January 11, Laurent de Wilde (piano) will revisit the repertoire of Thelonius Monk, to whom he dedicated a work that became a classic in 1996. Thursday, January 12, Romain Pilon (guitar) will continue the standards. Friday, January 13, Ricky Ford (sax) will pit Charles Mingus against Duke Ellington. Saturday January 14th, Médéric Collignon (Cornet) will pay a very personal tribute to Miles Davis. Finally, on Sunday January 15th, David Linx (vocalist) will give us some nuggles from the Great American Songbook, the greatest vocal standards from the United States. A happy coincidence in the news, a wonderful book is dedicated to Thelonius Monk (1917-1982), an extraordinary pianist who seems to come from another planet. Frank Médioni in turn tries to solve the “Mystery Monk” in a wonderful book that bears this title and invites more than 200 collaborators: musicians, critics, designers, photographers. A whole that forms a “composite, exploded, starry… Labyrinthic, enigmatic portrait; monastic words”. Frank Médioni describes the artist as someone who multiplies opposites: “known and distant”, “famous and controversial”, “joking and silent”, “acknowledged and inaccessible”, and whose music in his painting is: “obvious and enigmatic. Let’s keep two quotes among the very many quotes that dot the book: “His use of spaces in the solos, his use of strange chord progressions startled me, testified Miles Davis. I always said to myself: What the hell is this idiot doing! The wonder that Steve Lacy describes like this: “Monk has an incredible sense of gag, and all his records are full of humor”

Jazz week at Taquin (23, rue des Amidonniers), Toulouse, until Saturday January 14 at 9 pm and Sunday January 15 at 6 pm. Prices: €10 and €15. Such. Reservations on
“The Monk Mystery”, Frank Médioni (Editions Seghers, 368 pages, €42).

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