Jazz (JLC Family) in fury, she violently knocks out Jessica Thivenin and her latest project

Jazz (JLC Family) in fury, she violently knocks out Jessica Thivenin and her latest project

If Jazz is a fulfilled woman today, the pretty brunette has gone through many hardships. Indeed, Laurent’s wife has long suffered from the absence of her father. A father with whom she had tried to reconnect in 2019. Very close to her community, the matriarch of the JLC Family had told in detail her journey to find her father. ” I came from Dubai to London to see my father. It had been ten years since I had spoken to him, much longer than I had seen him. It was very difficult to do this step. […] The guy gives you 30 minutes, I don’t understand. The only thing that finds to tell you is ‘you have new teeth’. OK. And tell me that he saw Chelsea grow up on the networks. It still hurts, but okay. […] Seeing his grandchildren didn’t do anything to him at all. Frankly what to say except sad life “, had confided the young mother.

“I am an influencer, end”

Visibly hurt by the reaction of her dad, the starlet can still boast of having succeeded in her life. But if everything seems to be going for the best in the daily life of the mother, her days are still punctuated by numerous scandals. Scandals which, according to a surfer, deserve to be put in writing. ” It would be great if you wrote a book about your whole story “, launched a subscriber. Unfortunately, Jazz doesn’t look thrilled. ” I started last year then I stopped, I didn’t feel like it anymore. My life is talking to you directly, it’s not inventing tricks to dramatize situations to sell books. No, lazy. I am an influencer, I tell you everything on my show and on my networks, end. “A statement that some have interpreted as a tackle against Jessica Thivenin who has just published her second autobiographical work in which she highlights particularly difficult times experienced by her couple. Jazz would she have a new target in her sights?


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