Jean-Jacques Debout explains why he no longer wants to speak to Sylvie Vartan (VIDEO)

Jean-Jacques Debout explains why he no longer wants to speak to Sylvie Vartan (VIDEO)

Jean-Jacques Debout released The Color of Ghosts on October 26 at Talent editions. In this book rich in anecdotes, Chantal Goya’s husband and father of two children looks back at length on his friendship with Johnny Hallyday, whom he considered his “little brother“. The one who had told why the Taulier wanted to hit Serge Gainsbourg there moreover knocks off Laeticia Hallydaywhile sharing memories of the couple formed by his sidekick and Sylvie Vartan, who lived with him”fire” and the “passion. The one who also told the rivalry between Sylvie Vartan, “jealous“, and a legend of the cinema is guest of Jordan De Luxe in At Jordan’s.

The very explicit confidence of Johnny Hallyday to Jean-Jacques Debout on his ex-wives

The opportunity for the husband of Chantal Goya to explain his falling out with Sylvie Vartan. “She’s the one who doesn’t want to hear from me anymore“, begins Jean-Jacques Debout, before telling the whole story. After a concert by Sylvie Vartan, her husband Tony ScottiJohnny, Laeticia, and him met at a dinner party. Le Taulier asked to stand aside with Jean-Jacques Debout. “One moment he says to me ‘You know I have to tell you one thing: I no longer believe in marriages between artists, I don’t know how you did with your wife, but it’s over for me, I no longer believe in marriages between artists’would have dropped the rocker on him. who would have continued:He tells me : ‘I was married to a singer she was never there in the morning she was never there’ (…) he didn’t tell me it’s Sylvie Vartan (…) I was with an actress, I understood who it was too, it was necessarily Nathalie Baye (…) the same she was on a set she was leaving at dawn'”, reports the husband of Chantal Goya.

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It was I who decided not to see her again, and I will never see her again”

“He tells me ‘At least with Laeticia I found a girl who is there in the morningshe knows where my socks are, my ties, everything I need to get dressed in the morning; I finally found a woman who takes care of me’he says. And the falling out with Sylvie Vartan to finally be explained: “I repeated it (to Sylvie Vartan, Editor’s note) I was interviewed a day after her death (…) I told her and Sylvie saw it on TV she called Chantal she told her ‘I have just seen Jean-Jacques who has just said that Johnny no longer believed in artists’ marriages, I took a hit. Finally I realize that he is a traitor, him that I loved so much“, would have entrusted the interpreter of love is like a cigarette. Jean-Jacques Debout therefore sent him a clear message: “J‘have makes Sylvie say that traitors in general, we never see them again in her life, that if we bump into each other by chance, that she’s not surprised if I don’t come and say hello to her and that I no longer wanted to see her at all (…) I never wanted to play traitors with Sylvie, whom I loved very much and still love very much. It was I who decided not to see her again, and I will never see her again”concludes Jean-Jacques Debout.

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