Jean-Luc Reichmann reframes Stéphane in “Les 12 coups de midi”

Jean-Luc Reichmann reframes Stéphane in “Les 12 coups de midi”

If for nearly 100 emissions in The 12 strokes of noonJean-Luc Reichmann shares his set with Stéphane, the current Maître de Midihe still wants to be respected. This is the reason why he did not hesitate to put the worker back in place in front of the entire public and viewers, Monday November 14, 2022. During the coup de Maître, the last step before the mysterious star, Stéphane got it wrong twice. After his second faux pas, he seemed to be particularly disappointed. It was therefore with little enthusiasm and a deep voice that he answered the last question posed by the famous animator. A behavior not really appreciated by Jean-Luc Reichmann. “But you saw how you talk to me,” he told her. Immediately, Stéphane tried to justify himself.

“No, but I blame myself for the previous question,” he regrets, bitterly. “That’s no reason to talk to me like that. We’re on TV anyway, we’re friends,” added the troublemaker of TF1 who did not like the lack of enthusiasm of the candidate. Preferring to answer nothing, Stéphane simply lowered his head so as not to aggravate the situation. For his part, the voice-over of the program, Zette, started laughing. But Jean-Luc Reichmann seemed to be really serious. After a few seconds, he ended up laughing and encouraged the midday Master to never let go. This is the first time that some tension has been felt between the two men on the air. Since they (…)

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