Jean-Marie Bigard loses his temper against François Cluzet and gives a HUGE rant (VIDEO)

Jean-Marie Bigard loses his temper against François Cluzet and gives a HUGE rant (VIDEO)

As he signs his return to Big heads and soon on stage in a new show, Jean-Marie Bigard harshly attacked one of his detractors, actor François Cluzet.

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This is too much criticism for Jean-Marie Bigard! A few weeks ago, François Cluzet was a guest on the RTL show We redo the TV. In front of Eric Dussartthe comedian attacked the comedian known for his conspiratorial and controversial positions on compulsory vaccinationbut also for his insults against government figures. At the time, the actor attacked those highlighting Jean-Marie Bigard, treating him in passing “redneck”. A word and criticisms that do not pass for the person concerned, who wanted to answer him very sharply on the Jordan De Luxe show, At Jordan’s.

“He doesn’t want people to love me”, believes Jean-Marie Bigard

This is not the first time that François Cluzet has openly attacked the comedianalready in March, he castigated a personality with an ego “like a skyscraper”. Result, facing Jordan De Luxe, Jean-Marie Bigard does not mince his words: “He doesn’t want me to exist, he doesn’t want me to be loved! I’m the king of rednecks, yes! He insults three-quarters of France! You’re going to tell three-quarters of the French who love me that they are beaufs?”he wonders. For him, François Cluzet would be guilty of a sin “much more serious” than jealousy: envy. “Envy is that you don’t want the other to have what he is,” he throws, “He wants me to disappear (…) he is enraged.” More generally, Bigard attacks those who do not wish him to succeed: “It is not acceptable for them that I can have any platform, that I have the floor, my successes have exasperated, and he is unfortunately obliged to accept them.” Wing “question the money” concerning the personality that the humorist never wants to meet again, he already has his answer all found: it will be François Cluzet.

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Bigard’s big comeback on the radio

A bang for Jean-Marie Bigard and a settling of scores, as evidenced by his visible nervousness throughout the sequence – to be found above. But let the comedian and his fans be reassured: he is now back in The Big Heads by Laurent Ruquierwho lifted the sanction he had taken after yet another controversy.

Find the integrals of At Jordan’s Monday to Friday on C8 at 9:10 a.m.

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