Jean Reno reveals the excesses of Johnny Hallyday

Jean Reno reveals the excesses of Johnny Hallyday

Since December 20, an exhibition on the life of Johnny Hallyday has been open at Brussels Expo. We see his career, his childhood as well as private elements of the singer.

During the exhibition, an audioguide accompanies you with the voice of Jean Reno.

For Le Parisien, the actor who we saw in “The visitors” returned to his relationship with the interpreter of “I promise you”: “I don’t want to overdo it, but I could talk to you about it for a week… He had a lot of faces, characters… We were fellow travelers, we lived through those moments… Like when he was drunk and returning to his boat. You had to go through a small footbridge and every evening, I said to myself: ‘He’s going to fall’, so I emptied my pockets and got ready to jump… He was looking at me, as if to say: ‘But you take me for who?’ And he never fell!

Jean Reno also reveals behind the scenes of Johnny Hallyday’s album in collaboration with singer M: ” You know that the record with -M-, he did it under (hallucinogenic) mushrooms. He admitted it to me. I said to him: ‘But what did you do?’ But if the others took mushrooms, they couldn’t stay on the edge.”

In the conflict between Laetitia Hallyday and David and Laura Hallyday, Jean Reno decides not to take sides: “Why did you want me to make noise? It’s a private, family matter. What are you going to say? Are you going to condemn, act as arbiter? Its not my style. It’s not easy for Laeticia, it’s probably not easy for them either. But time will roll the pebbles to the bottom of the river and it will fall into place, little by little.

The voice of Jean Reno guides you during the exhibition on Johnny Hallyday to discover until June 15, 2023.

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