Jeff Panacloc in tears, he announces his breakup in A Sunday in the Country (VIDEO)

Jeff Panacloc in tears, he announces his breakup in A Sunday in the Country (VIDEO)

In Sunday in the countryside this Sunday, January 8, Jeff Panacloc, in tears, announced his breakup with his wife Charlotte with whom he had two daughters, Rose and Alice.

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Jeff Panacloc was this Sunday, January 8, one of the show’s guests Sunday in the countryside presented by Frédéric Lopez on France 2. The 36-year-old comedian was along with Joyce Jonathan and Savior Adam. In this new issue, the last before a break of a few weeksJeff Panaclock, crying repeatedlyturned out to be more touching than ever.

“I separated from the mother of my children”

Faced with Frédéric Lopez, Jean-Marc’s traveling companion could not contain his emotion, to the point that he announced his break with his wife Charlotte de Hugothe mother of his two daughters, Rose and Alice. “I was already crying ten years ago feeling like I had done something crazy. And in fact, we keep moving forward, there are difficulties in life. You grow up, we have children.. .”he said before literally cracking up: “I have separated from the mother of my children. There have been many, many upheavals in my life. And when you find yourself on stage, all that does not exist. I tell myself that in fact, we all have the same problems. We all have our own lives.”

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The end of a love affair of almost ten years between Jeff Panacloc and his ex-wife Charlotte

Between Jeff Panacloc and his now ex-wife Charlotte, it’s a love story that lasted almost ten years. Discreet about his private life and yet very loving, the ventriloquist had even done some confidences in an interview with Gala in December 2019: “My wife is my safeguard. I’m lucky, when I come home in the evening, we don’t talk about the job. She’s very proud of me, I think. When I met her, in 2013, I was not famous. She was a press officer, we lived the ascent together.” One who considers himself “a very shy person” even said: “She thought I was doing artist’s “dragouille”. As a reminder, the couple had married civilly on May 28, 2016 at the town hall of the 10th arrondissement of Paris. They gave birth to their first child, Rose, on February 15, 2018 and their second child, Aliceon 19 2020.

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