Jegun. Record attendance at the book fair

Jegun. Record attendance at the book fair

More than the previous two years, the world flocked to the book fair. “We think that the advertising done live on the side of the roads, in the form of a poster campaign around Greater Auch, brought in a lot of people. As well as the article that appeared in the Dépêche du Midi, of course.”

“The three participants are ready to renew the fair, towards a fourth season, declared the two organizers, Laurent Amouroux and Yannick Collier. We had the weather on our side once again this year. There will come a year when the rain will show, and even if we are equipped outdoors, it will be much less easy. The Fleurance illustrator let us down, but the very friendly numismatist club of Auch replaced him at short notice. Lectoure’s bookbinding workshop was also able to present its work, through examples of books to be bound, some of which were explained to us on site.”

The comic strip makes a place for itself

The vast majority of customers left with several books under their arms. Note, however, a preference for comics and its readers who come year after year to replace the clientele eager for rare and old books. “It’s a profession, where we must constantly adapt, if we still want to find a place in this changing cultural world”, concluded the two organizers.

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