Jenifer confides in this title that she has trouble singing

Jenifer confides in this title that she has trouble singing

Friday, November 4, Jenifer released her ninth album called “N°9”. This opus contains twelve catchy titles with “vintage” sounds, straight out of the 70s. Two of its titles have already been unveiled, to the delight of its many faithful: are you dancing? and Save who loves. This Tuesday, November 8, the artist revealed in 2001 following his victory in the first edition of the star academy was on the set of Daily to talk about this new album which already promises to be a great success.

Jenifer confided in complete transparency to the host and first of all confided why this album “had done her good”. “He did me a lot of good, there is always a therapeutic effect when I make my albums. We live in a world that is clearly not going well and I am concerned in the world in which I live. And I make music, so it’s up to me to try to entertain people. I wanted to call people to party”she explained.

Jenifer was asked about one of the tracks on the album that is close to her heart, Waiting. “I was not very comfortable when I got the song because it upset me right away. It’s about the meaning of my family. This is a statement to my offspring. It’s going to be complicated to sing it (…) It took me a lot of time to interpret it in the studio already. I had to really put my modesty aside and sing with my heart. It’s even difficult to talk about it so much it moves me…”, she expressed.

The one who spins the perfect love with Ambroise Fieschi, Corsican entrepreneur and restaurateur, had already confided in her role as a protective and fusional mother in an interview at Gala: “I am very mother wolf with my three children. I want them to take the time to go through all the stages of life. I will do everything to make them happy. Like any mom. Whatever path they choose, I want them to feel good about themselves. Above all, I encourage them to give their all so that they can one day choose their future.“ she confided.


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