Jenifer: Her startling revelations about her parents, this unexpected statement!

Jenifer: Her startling revelations about her parents, this unexpected statement!

Jenifer is a happy mother of three children. The last received a rather original first name. The artist and his darling who is a restorer, Ambroise Fieschi, have chosen to name him Juvanni.

The importance of first names

The winner of the first edition of Star Academy has two other children named Aaron and Joseph. You should know that the singer Jenifer attaches great importance to the choices first names because hers does not really please her, as she said in 2016 in an interview given to the Journal du Dimanche.

“I don’t like it, I submit to my first name,” she said. “It’s like that, my mother had this American dream. “She also regrets the choice of that of her brother who is called Jonathan:” I love my parents very much, but there… “.

Jenifer allergic to her first name

And if “Jenifer” is spelled with a single n, she owes this specificity to her aunt, who was looking for a first name with “seven letters so that it brings good luck”. “I would have preferred to be called Juliette or Yaël, my middle name”, detailed the star who nevertheless managed to create a superb career without trying to adopt a stage name.

Seven fetish letters. This is how the spelling of the first name Jenifer – with a single n – was suggested by her aunt and validated by her mother, Christine Bartoli, of Corsican origin, and her father, Michel Dadouche, a pied-noir from Algiers. Jenifer Bartoli spent her youth in Nice where she was born in November 1982. She has a brother called Jonathan, three years her junior.

At 14, she made her first appearance on television in the program Graine de Stars. Despite a failure in the final of the M6 ​​show and an average memory of this experience on TV, Jenifer chooses to stop her studies at 16 years old. She leaves Nice to try her luck in Paris, where she multiplies odd jobs and castings.

Jenifer, a singing star

Her life experienced a turning point in January 2002 when she won the first edition of the Star Academy, on TF1. This final is watched by more than 11 million viewers and serves as a real springboard for Jenifer’s career. She is only 19 years old and records her first album sold to a million copies.

In 2004, she released her second album Le passage, and won various prizes; that of best French artist at the famous MTV Europe Music Awards and those of French-speaking female artist and French-speaking album of the year at the NRJ Music Awards. Between 2007 and 2012, 3 albums, far from the success of the first ones, follow one another in the bins: Moody, call me jen and Love and me.

From 2012, she also participated in The Voice on TF1 as a coach with Garou and Florent Pagny. In 2013, released an album of cover songs, My statement, at the origin of a controversy between the two artists. Jenifer Bartoli chooses to cancel the tour scheduled for the end of the year.

She embarked on a new challenge and began shooting her first film in the summer of 2013, Les Francis, a comedy directed by Fabrice Begotti whose release is scheduled for early 2014. In October 2015, she announced that she was leaving of The Voice after four seasons.

In 2016, she released a new album, Paradis secret. At the beginning of 2017, she started a tour. On March 6, 2017, she and her team survived a terrible road accident on a tour bus. A woman died and several people were injured. Jenifer announces that she is stopping her tour.

The young woman knows how to put her celebrity at the service of causes, such as those devoted to children. She is, moreover, the godmother since 2006 of the association Chantal Mauduit who helps to improve the conditions life and schooling of children in Kathmandu, Nepal. She often participates in concerts for certain associations, ELA, Les Enfants de la terre but also Les Enfoirés. In the weeks and months to come, Objeko will not fail to tell you about the news of the singer.

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