Jenna Ortega doesn’t understand how this scene from the Netflix series became cult

Jenna Ortega doesn’t understand how this scene from the Netflix series became cult

Earlier in the month, we revealed to you that netflix had announced great news for fans of the series Wednesdayby confirming that the new iteration of the Addams Family was definitely going to return for a second season. An announcement that is not so surprising given the huge success of the series, including one sequence in particular, which has gone viral all over the world. But if this scene allowed the star of the series, Jenna Ortegato gain huge popularity, the actress recently confessed in an interview that she has long had doubts regarding this passage.

An unexpected success for ortega?

Since its release on Netflix on November 23, series Wednesday made headlines by becoming one of the biggest successes in the history of the platform. The series, where we can notably find the famous Tim Burton at the production, has set new viewing records, even managing to exceed season 4 of stranger things by making the best start in Netflix history for an English-language series.

What if the spin-off of The Addams Family has been talked about so much, it is mainly thanks to its main actress, Jenna Ortegawhose performance in the title role was praised by both critics and audiences. The actress particularly stood out on social networks thanks to a scene that quickly went viral around the world, namely the famous dance sequence from episode 4. A dance now cult which will then be taken up by everyone, in particular Lady Gaga, but also by many fans.

But in a recent interview with entertainment tonightOrtega was asked about the phenomenon she became after the release of the Netflix series. After admitting that she felt her life had changed thanks to her role in Wednesday, the young actress confides that she did not expect the dance scene to become so popular, even admitting that the latter had particularly troubled her. She then said this:

No, even that, I still can’t believe it. I had prepared some of the movements, others were improved. It was one of the scenes that I lay awake at night thinking about, because I thought I could have done and should have done so much more. So the fact that anyone showed any gratitude, or even tried it themselves, is unimaginable to me.

Ortega will also respond that she didn’t go to see all the different covers. of his famous dance that can be found in particular on TikTok, explaining then that according to her, “good or bad, it is not a good healthy place to be”. Coming soon, Ortega will be back on the big screen in the new movie Cry VIwhich is scheduled for release on March 8, 2023 in our dark rooms.

And to continue in the same theme and discover what the final twist involves for the heroine in season 2 of Wednesdaysee our previous article on the subject, just here.

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