Jennifer: In custody

Jennifer: In custody

The light of day probably didn’t completely illuminate the street yet. It must have been just over 6 a.m., the time defined by the code of criminal procedure, when the police arrived at his home.

Jenifer was probably in Morpheus’ arms when the doorbell would have brutally pulled her out of her sleep.

One can imagine her surprise when she opened the door ajar and heard the judicial police officer who would have faced her notify her of his placement in police custody. Was the singer picked up out of bed? Did she give resistance? What could the first winner of the star academy to be arrested? Is she hiding a dark secret?

Is it a story of morals, trafficking, violence? Jen must have wondered what she could do in this mess. When she arrived at the police station, was she placed in a cell, as is often the case, or was she immediately questioned?

The interrogation probably started in the impersonally decorated office of the OPJ. We imagine faded walls, a pencil holder where two Bics are fighting a duel, posters from the Ministry of the Interior to recruit peacekeepers, a powerful neon light… That no one will point in the direction of his face .

We are not in the cinema, but in real life! Dare to say certainly in the middle of a nightmare for the mother of Aaron, Joseph and Juvanni. Jenifer must have answered all the questions. She told the whole truth. But it took a long time for investigators to admit that the file was empty.

The police had nothing to reproach him for. “I was confused with someone else,” recalled the interpreter of My Revolution on the airwaves of RTL. She took advantage of her time in The Good Sunday Show, Bruno Guillon’s show, to discuss this incredible misunderstanding.

Which left the host completely flabbergasted. “But the person must have been really proud that you were mistaken for them, right? “, questions Guillon to lighten the atmosphere.

” Yes. And I have friends who are a little valiant, let’s say, ”retorts Jenifer with a smile. A misunderstanding that she has obviously digested.

The ex-staracademycienne had fun making other funny revelations on the radio, ensuring, for example, to have sung under the influence of alcohol and to have already exchanged a kiss with a girl… While she comes to be 40 years old, the one who has just published her ninth studio album lets loose as she rarely has.

“I assume more naughty titles, she explains in another interview with the PureCharts site. The more I advance, the more I feel free to express myself on my femininity and subjects that evoke things for me. I think it will resonate with others perhaps. ” Definitely.

On the other hand, one thing seems to have traumatized her much more than her time in police custody: her participation as a coach in The voice (TF1).

“It made me uncomfortable, she admitted to our colleagues at Parisian. I was a little confused by the competition. She adds in the magazine TV 7 Days “I felt that I was becoming more and more mechanical, that I was having less fun and that I was thinking too much about what I was saying. I need spontaneity and I had less. I don’t want to cheat. It is for this same reason that this freedom-lover will probably never agree to participate in Dance with the stars (TF1). “I couldn’t. It imposes so much rigor, so much discipline, I can’t. It’s hard, too hard, ”swears Jenifer.

Next to it, the police custody she suffered: it’s nothing.


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