Jérémy Demay’s behavior makes Big Brother talk a lot

Jérémy Demay’s behavior makes Big Brother talk a lot

It was Sunday evening that we finally learned the identity of all the participants in Big Brother Celebritiesduring the big premiere of the season, broadcast on Noovo. A candidate, comedian Jérémy Demay, is already causing a stir, inside and outside the mansion, given his behavior in the game.

In The PressMonday morning, Hugo Dumas also points out that the comedian has imposed himself as a target for his colleagues by trying to elect as patron of the week the actress Jemmy Echaquan Dubé. The columnist describes his strategy as “aggressive and heavy-handed”. “Benoît Gagnon was polite not to reframe him more curtly. What, you dare question my word? almost rose up Jérémy Demay, the unsolicited conductor of the third chapter of Big Brother Celebrities writes Hugo Dumas.

“We would have liked to answer Monsieur Meubles RD: yo, bro, it’s a game of lies and manipulation here, it’s normal and 100% recommended not to trust the first clown who passes through the confessional “, adds the columnist.

On the internet, the strategies of the comedian have also strongly reacted and generates mixed reactions. Several viewers did not hesitate to leave comments on the Facebook page of Big Brother Celebrities. Here are some of them:

“I love Jeremy”

“He disappoints me, I find him a little rough and very early in the game”

“Jérémy, too controlling. Wants to decide everything. He won’t last long in my opinion…”

“I like him but there in Big Brother he is a very bad player”

“He should have asked Jean-Thomas Jobin for advice because his game isn’t great. He talks too much blah blah blah…Let him shut up a little and he has to analyze the game”

Click the link below to rewatch Sunday night’s full episode:

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