Jessy Camus, from Montluçon, has a message for you… “PS: I have a meeting with myself today”

Jessy Camus, from Montluçon, has a message for you… “PS: I have a meeting with myself today”

Personal development for collective happiness… This is the leitmotif of Jessy Camus. Born and living in Montluçon (Allier), she has just published her first book, PS: today I have an appointment with myself.

Book concept

“I started from the observation that we don’t know each other,” recounts this 38-year-old Bourbonnaise, who as a liberal works as a counselor for family caregivers, a counselor for personal development, and also a facio-cranial reflexologist. .

“When I ask the people I work with what is their priority in life, they answer a whole range of things, especially their children…but never themselves. You can’t take good care of others if you don’t take care of yourself first. »

Jesse Camus (Author)

Then to twist the metaphor: “I often tell parents that they are bottles of water, their children are glasses… And that you cannot fill the glass if the bottle itself is dry”.

What do you find there?

That’s why this book of only 109 pages contains everything you need to open the floodgates of positive autosuggestion. Namely: “Advice, small practical exercises and diagrams that relate to all stages of life”, enumerates Jessy Camus. “You have to be active and have a pen while reading, because you are working on yourself, and whoever says work means participation”.

But not stubbornness. “No, this is the first step towards personal development, available to everyone,” concludes the author, who thanks “her daughters and friends” for their support in this project.

Practical information

– Work. PS: today I have an appointment with myselfJessy Camus, 109 p.
– Shopping. Self-published book, available online at Amazon (€11.50); or directly through the author (€10), by phone at
– Facebook page. “Jesse Camus“.

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Text: Luc Barre
Photo: Cécile Champagnat

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