Joe Budden says rappers should pass rap culture exam before signing

Joe Budden says rappers should pass rap culture exam before signing

Joe Budden is convinced: the general level is too low in hip-hop lately. Rather than complain, the rapper converted into the podcast makes a proposal, aimed at subjecting rappers to a “hip hop exam” before being signed by a label.

An exam before being signed to a label?

Podcast guest Earn your leisurethe former lyricist of Slaughterhouse evoked an idea that was surprising to say the least. Convinced that it is necessary “Raise the Barrier to Entry” for young artists wishing to enter the industry, he submits the prospect of a test to be passed, in order to validate his culturebut also his knowledge of the environment and the work to be done as an artist: “I’ve always believed that there was a need for a hip-hop exam to pass before being signed by a label. Some of you would have to answer questions like, “How do you hold a microphone?” There are some basics you need to know. If everyone has the same knowledge, there are no consequences, trial and error, then everyone is doing the same thing. No. And you sow confusion. »

Budden’s proposal will obviously not fail to agitate social networks, and many Internet users will go in its direction: “Can we manage to sign real artists rather than relying on numbers? A&R is there to judge MUSIC artists by the number of their Instagram followers. » Another will say: “It would be useful to help young rappers learn more about the culture, and about the origins of rap. »

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