Joe Lynn Turner Says Kiss ‘Destroys His Legacy’, Criticizes Band For Using Backing Tracks

Joe Lynn Turner Says Kiss ‘Destroys His Legacy’, Criticizes Band For Using Backing Tracks

Former Bands member Joe Lynn Turner Dark purple and Rainbowgot caught up in Embraceclaiming that their alleged use of backing tracks “destroys their legacy”.

The use of backing tracks remains a controversial subject in music Rock and Metal today, although a number of musicians and industry professionals have pointed out how they can be used for different purposes (such as to broadcast orchestral elements that cannot be played live, and not just playback).

However, Joe Lynn Turner doesn’t seem to be a fan of backing tracks in general.

Speaking to Andrew Daly during a recent interview for metal castlethe singer said: “I understand that some bands need to rely on these computers, but I’m old school, and I think live music should be live. This is what people pay for. If you’re famous and you use backing tracks, you’re not being honest; it’s pantomime. It’s not even karaoke. I think it’s deceiving people, and it’s deceiving yourself. Because if you can’t do it live, well, that’s what separates the men from the boys. This is what separates the great from the average.”

“Anybody can hide in the studio, but everything comes out live, and if you’re not up to it, then get off the stage. I get that some bands use today’s technology, but if you’re Kiss, for example, maybe you should quit while you’re on top, guys.”

“Don’t you think you have enough money to avoid doing what you are doing? It only destroys your legacy, and you’d probably be better off if you just quit. I’m not trying to single them out in particular, but they’ve been known to use backing tracks.”

“And look, I understand how difficult it is, especially for singers, because you can’t string together a lot of nights in a row. So if you want to keep performing, maybe you can reduce the number of nights, but of course you won’t make as much money. I think you have to look at people’s motivations and try to understand why they do things.”

“If you’re doing this just for the money, to do five nights instead of three, that’s not a good enough reason for me. Play three nights and be yourself. Or just stop doing it.”

As a reminder, last June, a mistake made live during the Kiss show in Antwerp, Belgiumgave rise to online allegations that the famous band played to pre-recorded tracks.

Joe Lynn Turner’s latest solo album, Belly Of The Beast, is available now via Music Theories Recordings.

Joe Lynn Turner – Tortured Soul:

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