Joffrey Lebourg sets off in search of the second of the “Seven relics”

Joffrey Lebourg sets off in search of the second of the “Seven relics”

Thibaut “ReadingsB” contributor of the group reading 20 minutes Booksrecommend you The Seven Relics, Volume II: The Mouth of Hell by Joffrey Lebourg, published on September 26, 2022 in Editions of the authors of the books.

His favorite quote:

You are very naive if you believe that magic is done only by spells. There are hundreds of ways to do it! And each art has its own magic, in its own way, through the feelings it seeks to inspire (…)

Why this book?

  • Because this novel offers a beautiful moment of entertainment and allows you to escape into finely described landscapes, ranging from the desert to angry volcanoes, while exploiting the existence of a half-fantastic, half-realistic bestiary.
  • Because volume I, Entropia’s Awakening was already a captivating read, and this second volume full of action, fights and magic is even more thrilling!
  • Because volume II highlights powerful female characters including Amber, the sensual elf and Louane the intelligent archer, themselves protecting the chosen of the gods Cordelia. This circumvents the classic codes of fantasy, which makes the saga modern and ambitious.

The essentials in 2 minutes

The plot. The continuation of Entropia’s awakening promises to be even more explosive than the introduction. Cordelia and her team possess the first Relic. Learning to use it is another matter. They now land on Aridea, his father’s native continent, in order to find the second…

Characters. Cordelia, heroine chosen by the gods to defeat the demonic Entropia, the lord of darkness. Liam, a handsome, soft-hearted thief who collects treasure. Amber, powerful, cunning and charismatic half-elf. Louane, a very gifted archer who masters magic. Seth and many more…

Places. The Alkymia is the imaginary world in which the saga The Seven Relics takes place. For this second volume, the reader travels to many places, because the story opens with a boat trip. The troupe visits important sites such as Fort Aridium or Papyrus-les-Sables and many others…

The time. Context difficult to place in a temporality, since it is a series of heroic fantasy. There are elements of science fiction (advanced technology and ancient civilizations), with modern technologies and codes specific to the European and Eastern Middle Ages.

The author. Joffrey Lebourg is a young French writer, passionate about imaginary literature. In this universe enriched by many pioneering artistic references of the genre, the author seeks to stand out with the saga of Seven Relics. He is also the author of the saga The Guardians Chronicles.

This book has been read in a row. The actions are linked in a fluid way and the descriptions make it possible to visualize the scenes. A real journey of immersion in the world of Alkymia. The whole conveys beautiful values ​​including equality, fairness and hope.

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