Johnny Hallyday exhibition: Mamie Rock makes a rare appearance with Jade and Joy

Johnny Hallyday exhibition: Mamie Rock makes a rare appearance with Jade and Joy

This Monday, December 19, Mamie Rock, the famous grandmother of Laeticia Hallyday, traveled to Brussels for the preview of the exhibition dedicated to Johnny Hallyday. She was not alone there since her great-granddaughters Jade and Joy were by her side.

Elyette Boudou, more commonly known as Granny Rockhad been talked about a lot during the inheritance war which pitted her granddaughter Laeticia Hallyday against her stepchildren David and Laura. Invited to express yourself in the 12.45 of M6the one who is usually very discreet had not gone there with the back of the spoon concerning the daughter of Nathalie Baye and the son of Sylvie Vartan. The latter said of course that she dreamed of a reconciliation, but she had not missed to scratch brother and sister, accusing them of showing “wickedness” in that case. She had even driven the point home by revealing a phrase said to him by the Taulier, a few years ago:My two eldest, they are two devils.”

These statements had obviously set fire to the powder between the lawyers of the two parties. While the representatives of Laura Smet and David Hallyday were becoming more and more conciliatory, they had viewed with a very dim view the revelations of the grandmother of Laeticia Hallyday and threatened to break off negotiations. Something which, to the great relief of all the protagonists, tried by this legal battlefortunately had not arrived.

Mamie Rock went to the Johnny Hallyday exhibition in Brussels

Since this media storm, Mamie Rock has resumed the course of her life in his house in Marseillan, in the south of France. With the case now behind her, she has regained the calm and tranquility she once enjoyed and is thus very rare on the front of the stage. This Monday, December 19, however, she came out of her lair for a very special occasion: the preview of the exhibition devoted to Johnny Hallyday at Brussels Expo.

While it only begins this Tuesday, December 20 and will continue until June 15, 2023, Elyette Boudou had the right to a little taste, accompanied by her great-granddaughters Jade and Joy Hallyday. She did not fail to immortalize herself with the two young women – that keep growing -, snapshot that she then shared on her Instagram page. Something to delight its subscribers, happy to discover it fulfilled with its two protected.


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