Joking “magicians” of Blexbolex

Joking “magicians” of Blexbolex

Christian Dorsan, author, blogger etc associate of the 20 Minutes Books reader group, recommends Wizards from Blexbolexpublished on November 1, 2022 by Éditions La partie and selected among Nuggets for the best junior novel (ages 7-11) at Book and print fair for young peoplefrom November 30 to December 5 in Montreuil.

His favorite quote:

This house is too exposed. It should be hidden from the eyes of the world, cut off from the roads, made into a fortress: “Put the oaks and the elder trees, come the ash trees and the birches!”

Why this book?

  • Because Blexbolex designs are true works of art, this album is a great gift idea. The author’s imaginary world is a fantastic universe and it is easy to get caught up in it.
  • Because the story is easy to tell for parents who want to capture the attention of children.

The most important in 2 minutes

Action. Three magicians appear in an abandoned house. Far from being friendly, they are hunted by the huntress and her friend Klinker, to be captured and handed over to the wizard.

Characters. Three magicians, two boys and a girl, a joker, a huntress and her companion Mâchefer, a mysterious magician.

Places. An imaginary country.

Time. Timeless.

Author. Blexbolex is an author-designer born in France and working in Germany. Golden nugget in Montreuil 2017won the New York Right Fair 2018.

This book was read with satisfaction and especially pleasantly surprised by the quality of the drawings.

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