Joy Hallyday “super vulgar”? Big tackle from a TPMP columnist, who slips on the 14-year-old teenager

Joy Hallyday “super vulgar”? Big tackle from a TPMP columnist, who slips on the 14-year-old teenager

This January 30, Kelly Vedovelli came out of her hinges on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste”. And this time it was Joy, the youngest daughter of Johnny and Laeticia Hallyday, who paid the price. This did not please internet users at all…

Kelly Vedovelli is not known for having her tongue in her pocket. And fans of Do not touch My TVthe issue of Cyril Hanouna broadcast every evening on C8 and in which the 32-year-old young woman is a columnist, know this well. This Monday, January 30, 2023, she once again did not mince words. And it was Joy Hallyday that she tackled this time.

​​​​​​Kelly Vedovelli judges that Joy Hallyday is at the “peak of vulgarity”

Very active on social networks, especially on TikTok and Instagram, the second daughter of Johnny and Laeticia Hallyday now 14 years old regularly posts photos and videos of her. Problem according to Kelly Vedovelli: its contents are too daring and too sulphurous for a teenager of her age. And this is what therefore earned the little sister of Jade Hallyday to be tackled in the daily life of C8.

“For me, this is the height of vulgarity”started the columnist. Before continuing: “So we’re going to say, ‘yes but Kelly, this, Kelly, that’, Kelly she’s 32, the little one she’s 14. Me at 14, go get pictures of me like that at 14, he doesn’t there are none. So for me, it’s super vulgar with her tongue, her mouth, her tits. I find it from one extreme physical and psychological violenceit is not going well at all”.


“Because it’s the new generation, do we have the right to be ‘te-pu’?”

Raymond Aabou, another columnist on the program, nevertheless tried to qualify his remarks. In vain… “I don’t agree with Kelly, the parents have to watch, and all the more so when it’s the daughter of Johnny Hallyday. The mother, Laeticia, she must say ‘you are not just anyone, be careful you are going to be decried'”did he declare. But he was immediately taken back by his comrade: “But you say nonsense! Whether it’s her or another teenager, you shouldn’t do that!”. Visibly furious, the latter even added: “Because it’s the new generation, do we have the right to be ‘te-pu’?”.

Kelly Vedovelli strongly criticized for her shocking remarks

Kelly Vedovelli therefore did not go with dead hands about Joy Hallyday, and her words did not fail to make the Web react strongly. Many Internet users have expressed their dissatisfaction with him on Twitter.

“So Kelly just called a 14-year-old kid ‘tepu’, getting better and better”wrote one of them. “I don’t know what is more shocking between the videos of Joy Hallyday and Kelly Vedovelli who says of a 14-year-old teenager live on TV that she is ‘behaving'”even added another. “Like insulting a 14-year-old bitch because she does the same as other people her age? She’s embarrassed”even concluded a Twitter.

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