Juelz Santana confirms Kanye West has always been ‘arrogant’

Juelz Santana confirms Kanye West has always been ‘arrogant’

The Dipset veteran does not seem overly surprised by the current behavior of Kanye West. Dropped by his historical partners, criticized from all sides after having made anti-Semitic remarks, Ye would have been visibly in the grip of slippages for many years.

Juelz Santana decompresses Kanye West

When Roc-A-Fella Empire Co-Founder Damon Dash Regrets The Public Didn’t Consider Kanye West for what he is, a bipolar person far from being helped by his entourage, Juelz Santana, he prefers to evoke the past, and the problematic behavior of Ye which has lasted for many years.

Having evolved alongside West during his Roc-A-Fella period in the early 2000s, Santana has forgotten nothing, as he recalled in front of the cameras of Vlad TV : It’s always been like that, sort of. Ye never changed. Now it’s just that he’s a billionaire, so that makes him more aggressive. It’s more intense when he’s doing his stuff. He was always this arrogant, extravagant guy. »

Less nuanced remarks than those made by Dash in recent hours, who as mentioned a few lines above is sorry to see his ex-colleague in such a situation: “The guy tells you he’s sick, and acts accordingly. Because he’s rich, you’re going to listen to him as if he’s fine. It’s not, and that’s sad. »

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