Juju Fitcats and Tibo InShape disagree over children to the point of questioning their engagement

Juju Fitcats and Tibo InShape disagree over children to the point of questioning their engagement

Juju Fitcats made very intimate confidences about her relationship with Tibo InShape during a truth interview with Jeremstar. The young woman admitted to not having the same desires as her fiancé…

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Juju Fitcats and his companion Tibo InShape are among the most followed couples of French fitness youtubers on the platform. Sometimes pinned by Internet users for slippages in their videos or on social networks, they have still managed to build a huge community counting between them more than 11.5 million subscribers and this, only on YouTube. In a relationship since 2017, Tibo In shape and Juju Fitcats met through a concept video from youtuber which invited its subscribers to elect Miss InShape. Since their meeting, the two sports enthusiasts have not left each other, and the young woman got engaged to her darling in September 2022. If the couple has been making perfect love for almost ten years, the two lovebirds do not have the same vision of the future on the question of children.

A major disagreement within the couple

In an interview given to Jeremstar, the 27-year-old young woman quickly opened up about their disagreement. “Me, personally, for now, I don’t want children. I do not want to and I don’t need that to be happy. I see myself living my life childless“, says Juju Fitcats. But for Thibo InShape, it’s a whole different story.”He wants it. I know it’s something he wants to experience. But then there were times when it made me cry. I even asked him if he was sure he wanted to marry me because finally he is aware of what I don’t want. Even if the love is there, it’s hard to be in love with someone and tell them ‘I love you, but I don’t want to deprive you of something in your life'”, confided the pretty brunette to Jeremstar.

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health concerns

Juju Fitcats also used this interview to talk about her health issues:I get asked very often if I’m pregnant, and even though I know it’s not mean, it’s still very intrusive. Can you imagine if I have a hard time getting it, or even worse, if I’m sterile? And by the way, for the little aside, I’ve had hormonal issues since I was 18.. I haven’t had my period for five years. If one day I want children, it won’t be that easy“, confessed the Youtubeuse.

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