Julian Bugier destabilized by a series of technical incidents at 1 p.m. on France 2 (VIDEO)

Julian Bugier destabilized by a series of technical incidents at 1 p.m. on France 2 (VIDEO)

This Thursday, November 10, due to a national strike, the Journal de 13 heures by Julian Bugier on France 2 was disrupted by several technical glitches.

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A black thursday was announced on November 10 due to a call for a day of interprofessional and national mobilization by the CGT. And many sectors are affected: transport, schools, public services… On France 2, also affected by a strike by certain employees of the public channel, in its 1 p.m. television news, Julien Bugier was the victim of several technical issuesthat happened right from the start of the diary. Already, when he wanted to launch a subject shot in Brittany about a company that gave up building a factory of pastries, the journalist experienced a moment of loneliness live.

The 13 Hours of Julia Bugier victim of technical problems

The report is indeed not gone. “Here, subject that we will discover a little later, I am told in the headset. We have some technical problems today in control. It happens“, relativized Julian Bugier. But five minutes later, a new incident disturbed the journalist, a report on the humanitarian ship Ocean Viking was cut abruptly, when the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin was about to speak. “We have some technical problems today. Nothing serious“, then recognized the presenter of France 2 before the subject could be well diffused this time.

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I made a mistake just now in the panic of technical problems

And as if that weren’t enough, Julian Bugier made a small mistake which he came back to at the very end of the edition. “I made a mistake earlier in the panic of technical problems: obviously Saumur is in Maine-et-Loire and not Sarthe“. Finally, the journalist who recently reminisced about his youth wanted to explain the reason why its edition of the 13 Hours was repeatedly disrupted: “End of this newspaper produced under conditions, you have understood, specific due to a strike by part of the staff”. The joys of live.

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