Julie, candidate for Love is in the meadow, radiant in an evening dress, she appears with a fine silhouette

Julie, candidate for Love is in the meadow, radiant in an evening dress, she appears with a fine silhouette

For several months now, Julie, candidate for L’amour est dans le pré, has been working hard on her size. She is a former candidate for Karine Le Marchand’s cult show. The pretty blonde shared a photo of herself in an evening dress on her Instagram account.

Julie, candidate for Love is in the meadow

It was in 2017 that viewers and fans of the show discovered it. In search of love, she meets Jean-Michel there. They will be dating for two years before a sad event separates them. Julie becomes pregnant but alas, she will have a miscarriage in 2019. Broken by the loss of her baby and the implosion of her couple, Julie will work on herself to overcome the slope.

A few months ago, she decided to slim down. There are several methods to lose weight. The various sports exercises, diets or even changes in eating habits. Julie decides to shake up her eating routine and the result is stunning.

Radiant in an evening dress

A few months earlier, more precisely in May, Julie claims that she had lost 18 kilos. Her goal being to lose 25 kilos in all, she continued to take care of herself. December 24 is an opportunity for her to appear in a magnificent dress.

To assert her silhouette, Julie opts for a beautiful long sequined dress that hugs her body. The sublime Norman ignited the canvas in her beautiful outfit and in a body that does her good.

In love again

Julie went through a multitude of difficult ordeals. However, after several months focused on herself, happiness came knocking on her door again. Today, she even fell in love again. Although she thought Jean-Michel was the love of her life, their separation allowed her to find happiness in the arms of another.

Julie affirms it herself, she is totally in love with the man who now shares her life. For her, he is both her best friend and the man of her life. What is certain is that everything seems to have smiled on him since then. Julie is happy and fulfilled at the end of the year.

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