Julie de Bona recounts her horrible memory with Gérard Jugnot in A Sunday in the Country (VIDEO)

Julie de Bona recounts her horrible memory with Gérard Jugnot in A Sunday in the Country (VIDEO)

Guest of Frédéric Lopez’s new show Sunday in the countrysideJulie de Bona recounted this traumatic memory that she shares with Gérard Jugnot.

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julie debona is now a star of the small screen. Since A great familyshe has appeared in a number of TV series. In recent months, we have seen it in The Fighters on TF1, The house oppositeor in Dragon’s Breath on M6. guest of‘A Sunday in the countrysidethe new show of Frederic Lopez on France 2, the young woman confided in her chaotic start to her career. She revealed that her teacher at the Montpellier Conservatory had told her that she was not cut out to be an actress. Despite this dark sentence, the actress joined Paris to start her career and finally play in a play with Gerard Jugnotof which she keeps a contrasting memory.

Gérard Jugnot was as paralyzed as Julie de Bona

First hole on stage“, she announced to the facilitator and to Christopher Willemand Jean-Pierre Elkabbachthey too were invited to the show about this play, which had already earned it its first bad review. “I think it was the 250th performance, so I know the text by heart, my god, but by heart. But I come on stage with this period text, so you can’t invent it, since you don’t don’t talk like today, you can’t do an improv. I go on stage, I look at Gérard [Jugnot] in the eyes and I no longer know who I am, where I am, the text, nothing at all. there is nothing coming out“; remembered Julie de Bona. Unfortunately for her, she couldn’t count on her partner’s support, too.”paralyzed“that she.”And there I see opposite that I have no one to help me. It goes green, blue, really”, she continued. This misadventure has in any case welded the two actors. We both have this test in commonobserved Julie de Bona. As soon as they meet again, they can’t help but sigh when they think about it and point out that it was one of the worst experiences of their lives.

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A memory lapse that almost made him stop

If this memory lapse only lasted 5 minutes, it is the longest 5 minutes in the life of the actress, who still talks about it with emotion. She said more about this real trauma, which almost made her stop everything. “I sincerely think that I will never do this job again. I go out and say: ‘My conservatory teacher was right: I’m not an actress’. I’m crying, I don’t want to go back on stage anymore. It’s finish. I quit the job. I’m going back to Montpellier”, she indicated. Before concluding : “I still have nightmares of that time.”

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