Julien Bert speaks after losing the two people he cared most about in life! – Tuxboard

Julien Bert speaks after losing the two people he cared most about in life! – Tuxboard

These last times have been very difficult for Julien Bert… His mother died after his grandmother. So he spoke up!

While he is always smiling, Julien Bert suffers in silence. After losing his grandmother whom he loved so much, he learned of the death of his mother… The reality TV candidate therefore decided to speak!

Julien Bert mourns the loss of two important people in his life

You know him as the great seducer, and yet Julien Bert is actually a lover of love. He loves his loved ones deeply. Starting with the two women in his life: his grandmother and his mother. But alas, the candidate of reality show is in mourning… The two women in his life have died… His loving grandma left us last october. Julien Bert had therefore written the following message: “ Sometimes you have to find yourself lower than the ground to get back up even stronger than before. I cut myself off from the networks… But I can’t get used to the idea that I won’t see that smile again… I will love you all my life, thank you for everything you have done for me”.

A few months later, it was his dear and tender mother who passed away. Aurelie Dotremont is very saddened by the news. She was very close to her. Remember that she was the ex of Julien Bert. So she rubbed shoulders with her mother. So it is withIt is with great emotion that she wrote these words: “I couldn’t be here today to say goodbye but I know that one day we will see each other again my Sido. Thank you for all the love you gave me when you welcomed me into your home to paint the walls pink. »

Julien Bert’s ex will never forget all that Sidonie has done for her : “I will never forget the wife and second mom you were to me back then and all the little thoughts for me afterwards. I love you and will love you, you were and will remain my favorite as we always said. »

Julien Bert collapsed, he speaks after losing his mom!

Julien Bert collapsed, he speaks after losing his mom!

A very moving speech

Aurelie Dotremont suffers from the loss of Julien Bert’s mother. She send him all his condolences : “My heart is in great pain but I know that yours today is soothed so I let you fly to paradise but certainly not from my heart or my mind. All my sincere condolences to my friend Julien as well as to his sister whom I adore, to his dad and to all the people who knew Sidonie because I know how much they must suffer from his departure. Goodbye “.

Very touched by the death of his mother, Julien Bert took the parothe. He seems to be at his wit’s end: I hope you’re doing well. It’s been a long time since I spoke like that, in front of you, I made stories, I try to show that I’m still alive… But things are happening in my life and here I think that you all know the drama that I experienced. It is complicated. It’s still a little too early.”

More Julien Bert wants to reassure his fans “ Whatever happens I’m fine, at least ‘I’m fine’ is a big word. I try to be well. My luck is that I am very very well surrounded. And I thank these people who are golden for me and who mean more than just today. I wanted to at least make a video for you because a lot of people are worried. It’s okay, I try to be strong and I try to move on “. Julien Bert is very strong. He keeps his spirits up and holds up in this difficult ordeal…

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