Julien Clerc overwhelmed by his drop in income, he holds those responsible

Julien Clerc overwhelmed by his drop in income, he holds those responsible

Julien Clerc is about to start his “Happy Days” tour. For the occasion, he spoke with La Provence. He took the opportunity to talk about the drop in his income…

Julien Clerc returns to the front of the stage and in music with the tour “Happy Days”. A project that he defends through classics from his repertoire but also artists such as Barbara, Gilbert Bécaud, Yves Montand, Jacques Brel and Charles Trenet. A way for him to return to what has cradled his childhood. He confided in particular to Provencethis November 15, that he considered these musics as “the soundtrack of his childhood”. And if at the time, you had to struggle to be able to listen to these classics of the French varietytoday, all it takes is a click. And Vanille’s dad says he too is a consumer of streaming platforms: “I listen like everyone else on the platforms”. A new era of which he is an actor but of which he deplores the effects on his career.

A drop in income explained by streaming

I participate unfortunately in the fact that it will become increasingly difficult to make a living from our profession“, he explained in the columns of Provence. “Apart rap peoplewith the kids who click! When we look at our copyrights, compared to what we were collecting before, it’s ridiculous“, he lamented. But faced with this observation, the interpreter of My preference does not intend to feel sorry for himself. If negative effects are felt, he says he is ready to adapt to them in order to get all the positive out of them. “Habits are changing always consider change and adapt to itbecause there is always a creative side to it“, he thus explained. “I continue to do what I have always done. When the time comes to compose, which for me is around May-June, because I’m going to shoot until then, I’ll get back to it“.

Retirement ? Not for now

If he had been more discreet recently, the 75-year-old artist is not yet close to the end of his musical career. “Me, I’m here to create. As long as I am given the possibility, I will do it, that is to say as long as music comes to me when I am at my piano“, he said before concluding: “It’s big industry and I hope that we will continue to be given a place in it”. The proof with his new tour planned at the Olympia on December 15, 16 and 17 during which he will resonate the classics of the French directoryof which he is a part. Indeed, Julien Clerc rocked many generations and he intends to continue to do so until it is possible for him.

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