Julien drunk the night he kissed Chris, his revelations about their kiss

Julien drunk the night he kissed Chris, his revelations about their kiss

On October 24, viewers witnessed a surprise kiss between Julien and Chris. A few days later, the star candidate of this new season of the star academy explains it.

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If Julian is in the sights of many teachersto the point of having already been nominated twice since the beginning of the adventure, it is nonetheless the darling of viewers of the star academy. However, it is not his vocal or dancing abilities that have capsized hearts in recent days, but rather a fiery kiss. On Sunday October 24, live on MyTF1Max, subscribers were indeed able to see Julien and Chris kissing on the mouthwhich did not fail to cause a lot of reaction on social networks.

Alcohol behind the kiss between Julien and Chris

A few days after this episode, and after this surprising rapprochement between the two candidates, Julien wanted to make things clear with our colleagues from TV magazine: There is no rapprochement with Chris”, he explains, arguing that it is “the effect of alcohol and partying” who created this little event. We weren’t drunk but we were messing around,” he adds, “I’m very open, I have no taboos and neither does he! We thought it was funny.” Moreover, according to Julien, there is, so to speak, no romantic rapprochement in the castle: “Because everyone is fucked! On the other hand, many friendships are created. I don’t have a preference, but the ones I get along the best with are Louis, Enola, Anisha and Ahcène who is no longer there unfortunately.”

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Julien no longer has a grudge against Laure Balon

The young apprentice singer, who was recruited via Instagram to pass the casting of the star academy, valued “no regrets” and even says “very proud” to be part of the adventure. As for his relationship with teachers, in particular Laure Balon with whom he had a heated argumenthe assures us that he does not blame him: “Words may have overtaken his thought at the time. Like me. We both have our share of responsibilities in this story. She wanted to explain herself to get back on a good footing with me, she does her job as a teacher.”

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