Julien Lacroix goes back on stage and one of his whistleblowers was present

Julien Lacroix goes back on stage and one of his whistleblowers was present

After attempting a first return to the stage which had to be canceled, Julien Lacroix finally gave a show on Wednesday evening. And the Montreal Journal was the only media authorized to attend.

The location, Café Impérial Torréfacteur in Montreal’s Angus district, was disclosed only 24 hours in advance to avoid protests.

“In July, nobody wanted to rent me a room, and I was planning to do this in a warehouse. Now I was able to find a café ready to give me my chance, to rent me its stage, ”said Julien Lacroix at the Journal de Montréal.

The comedian sold his tickets for $15, which covers the rental of the hall and the security guard hired for the show.

“From the beginning, my word has been worth little or nothing. I prefer to express myself discreetly with the medium I know best, which is humor. Will I speak publicly in 2023 to give myself the right to start doing my job again? Maybe ! “, he added.

“What was said about me two and a half years ago will color people’s eyes for life, whatever I do, but if I could live from my art like that, underground, in small venues, I am going very well. That’s what makes me happy: getting on stage. I wanted a room of people I don’t know to see if I can connect with them and how I can manage while being more myself, answering their questions, and not hiding behind my character.” he continued.

Thirty spectators

At Montreal Journalseveral spectators said the reason for their presence. Moreover, one of the women who was cited in an article as a victim of Julien Lacroix was in the room. “I am Alice Payer. I am the one who was presented as a victim of Julien Lacroix, when I never was. It’s a huge relief for me because it puts an end to two and a half years of hypocrisy to inflate a list on which I should not have been, ”she told the journalist.

“It seems to me that he deserves his chance to get up,” adds another spectator.

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