Julien (Star Academy) without language of wood: he reveals who is the most “disgusting” candidate of the castle

Julien (Star Academy) without language of wood: he reveals who is the most “disgusting” candidate of the castle

Interviewed by Konbinia former candidate freshly eliminated from the star academy came back on his adventure, on his new life outside the castle and swung a few little details about his old comrades.

Eliminated from adventure star academy Saturday November 12, 2022 despite an army of fans, Julien found his life before (or almost). Indeed, barely out of the castle of Dammarie-lès-Lys, the ex-candidate spoke on his Instagram account : “This is it, this is the end of the Star Academy adventure. I want to thank all of you who have supported me, you have made me realize who I am and who I could be. I can’t wait to offer you something heavy and that we love it together!“, he first said in a story.

Thank you to all the production that allowed me to realize my dreams on stage and who knows maybe even outside. And above all, thank you to the teachers for their patience and authenticity. Anyway, everything is fine for me. i am happy and grateful what happens to me. Thank you all I kiss you, see you soon“, then told the young man of 20 years, visibly upset by these last weeks. It is therefore a new adventure, post-reality TV, which begins for Matthew’s little brother. And if he spoke about his future projects on his social networks, he also mentioned several subjects – including details of his former classmates – in an interview.

“And the most disgusting” in all this?

Interviewed by our colleagues from KonbiniJulian admits that “the return to reality is good“and in particular this moment when he recovered from his mobile phone:”All the notifications came at once, I didn’t understand what was happening to me, it was awesome“. The one who had to adapt to the adventure and to the authority of the professors then made some revelations on the behavior of the academicians still in competition. “My hero of the adventure is Louis. This guy is great, he’s full of humor, he knows how to talk when necessary, he knows how to do imitations. This guy is everything, and this everything, I adore him.” he confided on Louis, who won his place in the final in the last evaluations.

On the other hand, it paints a somewhat less glamorous, but nuanced, portrait of Léa, who disappointed the faculty. At the question “And the most disgusting?“, he answers : Oh, me, by my farts in the castle, I think! In terms of order, the person who tidies up the least is Léa“. Now outside the famous castle, Julien is free to do and say what he wants…

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