Justice blocks pirate site for £2,410

Justice blocks pirate site for £2,410

José Creuheras, president of Grupo Planeta, emphasized in mid-October: there would be no piracy in Spain has not increased recently«even if it is not declining as much as in France and Germany“. Not for lack of a fight, as evidenced by the proceedings that were launched in 2021 and have just ended.

La Cedro (Centro Español de Derechos Reprográficos), an association that brings together authors and publishers of books, magazines, newspapers and music, initiated Spanish justice against According to the findings, 2410 author’s works were freely available, without any other procedure than clicking to download.

Jorge Corales, CEO of the structure, is delighted that this decision contributes to a “digital ecosystem” that respects everyone’s work more. Especially since Cedro works precisely on building effective solutions for cultural industries. “We contribute to making the digital sphere an effective space for authors and publishers working in the field of culture and writing“, he underlines at the end of the sentence.

Spanish Internet service providers are now obliged to prevent access to the site to all users of the territory. This applies to the domain home page as well as various mirror sites.

It is obvious that the use of a VPN will easily bypass the legal measures, while for their part the Spanish ISPs have introduced the necessary provisions to block the site.

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